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Jaw module

SPANNTOP nova chuck


MANDO Adapt mandrel

MANOK plus

With the manual MANOK plus stationary chuck, you can use all of the HAINBUCH adaptations like the MANDO Adapt and jaw module, expanding the modularity of your stationary clamping systems. With the integrated forced release function you can not only use our adaptations on the lathe, you can also use them stationary. And with the ability to share the same clamping devices with your lathes, your investment in spare tooling can be greatly reduced.


The HYDROK hydraulically actuated stationary chuck provides all of the precision and power of the HAINBUCH SPANNTOP and TOPlus lathe chucks for your milling machine applications. Able to accept all of the same adaptations available with the HAINBUCH modular system, including the MANDO Adapt and jaw module. The smallest of the group, the HYDROK 40 SE and 32 RD can be equipped with modular base plates that allow for serial clamping with one actuation allowing for robust, accurate clamping of multiple pieces in an efficient use of space.

Jaw module

HAINBUCH presents the jaw module, our latest solution for three-jaw adaptations for the original modular 10 second collet chuck system. The jaw module enables you to cover a larger clamping range, providing solutions for more clamping situations. Together with our clamping heads and mandrels, the jaw module allows for nearly any part to be processed using our SPANNTOP and TOPlus lathe chucks – with less weight and a smaller interference contour.


Precise, reliable and adaptable, our cnc lathe chucks [such as the SPANNTOP nova], represent more than 60 years of experience. They take advantage of all of the latest machine tools. All of our lathe chucks have typical HAINBUCH features, such as user friendly set-up, full passage, parallel clamping, optimal power conversion, extreme rigidity and superior holding power, as well as minimal wear and tear. Whether you are looking for chucks for turning, milling or stationary applications, HAINBUCH has the right solution for your even most complicated workholding tasks.


With the fast set-up devices, capteX and centroteX, you can manufacture with job-orientation. And you do it with a change-over accuracy of as much as < 0.002 mm on the interface. However, our two high-speed solutions have even more to offer: Your machine standstill times are shortened, production times increase accordingly, and the quick change-over systems also pay for themselves quickly. Sensational savings on the entire line. The difference to clamping solutions mounted on the machine? There is virtually no difference! In terms of quality, rigidity and precision, the quick change-over interfaces easily keep up.


HAINBUCH segmented mandrels use state-of-the-art clamping technology that is convincing, even in the most critical applications. MANDO Adapt is attractive with extreme rigidity and precision. For rotating products, concentricity of 0.005 mm between chuck taper and mandrel taper can be achieved. For stationary clamping devices repeatability of 0.003 mm is possible. And best of all: this can all be accomplished without adjusting.

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HAINBUCH America in the News

Okuma Partners in THINC demonstration pools expert talent to create a low-cost, 5-axis module that can be used on 3- or 4-axis machines.

Gear Technology Managing Editor Randy Stott sits down with Larry McMillan, Regional Sales Manager for Hainbuch America, to talk about the latest technologies in mandrels, collets and chucks for gear manufacturing applications.

New designs, technologies, and materials in the manufacture of medical devices, appliances, and tools has increased the need for precision workholding devices that can meet stringent product quality standards and increased production capabilities.

Hainbuch America offers a high-precision segmented mandrel designed for machining complex aerospace parts.

One of the key demonstrations at the 2017 Okuma Partners in THINC Winter Showcase, Dec. 5-6, in Charlotte, [NC], will feature a modular approach to enable manufacturers to generate high-precision five-axis parts without investing in a dedicated five-axis machining center.

Cover story of Gear Solution's Tooling and Workholding July issue features tips and tricks with our Great Lakes Regional Sales Manager Larry McMillan.

HAINBUCH America has met the challenges faced in gear production with innovative designs and products that have kept it on the cutting edge of the industry.

Holding the workpiece precisely is becoming an integral aspect of the machining process. It's more than presenting the blank to the cutter; it also includes repeatability from blank to blank.

New catalog 2019

Our new product catalog is online!

You can directly browse online or download the pdf-file.

Founded in 1951 by Frida and Wilhelm Hainbuch, HAINBUCH GMBH has a long history of innovation beginning with the original quick change collet system, first patented in the USA in 1980.  This invention has now been copied many times and is the de facto industry standard.  Today, HAINBUCH boasts over 150 patents worldwide and continues to revolutionize the field of precise, adaptable and quick change collet chucks.

HAINBUCH America traces its beginnings to 1997 when the parent company opened its first sales office in suburban Milwaukee with Welge Machine Tool Corporation to market its line of modular, quick change chucks.

In the year 2006 HAINBUCH rebranded itself »HAINBUCH America« and appointed Jürgen Bettray as President.  The company continued to develop a reputation as an innovator in quick change OD and ID workholding solutions for the rapidly growing CNC lathe and CNC milling machine markets.

Not content to remain solely an importer of finished CNC workholding solutions, in 2010 Hank Kohl was hired as the new President for HAINBUCH America. Under Mr. Kohl’s leadership, HAINBUCH America began to engineer, manufacture and service HAINBUCH’s modular chuck systems.

This led HAINBUCH America to move into its new 14,000 square foot manufacturing facility in late 2012.  Located in the aptly named Milwaukee suburb of Germantown, the new plant houses HAINBUCH America’s growing team of inside sales representatives, engineering, and manufacturing.

Together with our colleagues in Marbach, Germany, HAINBUCH America has the capability to assist North American customers in collaborating on special application designs, engineered workholding solutions and the full manufacture of products designed to fit their needs.  Our regional sales managers, supported by our Wisconsin based Inside Sales and Service support team, stand ready to assist customers with their most challenging applications.

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