Automation - Exploded view
Automation - Robot setting up the chuck
Exploded view [chuck, workpiece end-stop, clamping head, and changing fixture]
Robot setting up the chuck

Your benefits

  • Increases productivity, as unattended manufacturing is possible

  • Increases quality and ensures consistent results

  • „„Spares the machine operator the necessity of a nonergonomic work posture

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Did you know that the classic clamping head change-over by hand can also be executed with automation via robot, gantry or directly with the machine spindle? The great thing is: the workpiece end-stop is also set-up in this process. After all, setting up a new workpiece diameter without a suitable end-stop would only be an incomplete set-up procedure.

The solution with a robot or gantry:

The robot gripper in the form of a pneumatic changing fixture takes the right clamping head including the workpiece end-stop from the set-up magazine. Within seconds it sets up the chuck in a reliable process for the workpiece that will be machined next. Thanks to our clever mechanics the workpiece to be processed can be clamped and processed directly after set-up. The automation effort is minimal; on the other hand the machine flexibility is maximal.