Maximum precision in a mini format

The TOPlus premium chuck is ideal for high-precision clamping of delicate and thin-walled parts, as well as solid and massive parts. In combination with premium clamping heads and when clamping against the end-stop, you benefit from incredible run-out accuracy of ≤ 5 μm.

That makes the standard TOPlus premium chuck a better and less expensive alternative to hydro-expansion and diaphragm clamping devices. In addition to high precision, the large opening stroke also facilitates automated loading of the machine – even if the robot is somewhat inaccurate. By the way, slight contact with the workpiece during loading has no negative effect on the TOPlus premium. Despite its high precision it remains »robust« and your process remains stable.

For machining in which »standard« accuracy is sufficient, you can simply use conventional standard clamping heads. As with the conventional TOPlus mini, the run-out accuracy when clamping against the workpiece end-stop is ≤ 10 μm. Of course, all compatible HAINBUCH adaptations can also be used. Change-over from O.D. to I.D. clamping or jaw clamping in less than two minutes is ther efore assured.

The most accurate of all HAINBUCH chucks!

Technical data

Product sheet

Spindle connection data

Combinable with following clamping elements and adaptations

Clamping heads SE

Adaptations I.D. clamping SE

Adaptations jaw clamping SE

Magnet module

Face driver SE

Morse taper adapter SE

More accessories

vario end-stop systems

End-stop blanks

Front end-stop blanks

Chip protection rings

hainBOX system for proper storage

Changing fixtures

Flanges / drawtube adapter


Torque wrench