CFK TOPlus and SPANNTOP chuck made of carbon fiber

TOPlus / SPANNTOP chuck made of carbon fiber

  • Power-operated, lightweight clamping devices for better productivity and more economical for the series production
  • As much as 70 % lighter than the standard steel version, thus protecting the machine components
  • Better machine dynamics due to significantly lower mass moment of inertia
  • Increased productivity through faster acceleration / decelaration of the machine spindle
  • Reduced energy costs
Spannfutter SPANNTOP 2x2

SPANNTOP 2x2 chuck

  • Secure clamping of rectangular / square profiles with uniform transmission of clamping force from all 4 sides
  • „Tolerance compensation ± 1.0 mm in width and height
  • „„Standard clamping heads can be used for clamping round material as well
  • „„Rigid clamping from 4 sides


  • Almost deformation-free clamping of thin-walled workpieces
  • „„Major formal defects are compensated
  • „„Air actuation
  • Can be combined with powerful actuation of the clamping head

Segmented clamping bushing chuck

  • Segmented clamping bushing chuck with balance compensation for significantly unbalanced workpieces
  • High dimensional tolerance compensation on the blanks
2x2 Bolzenfutter zentrischspannend

2x2 bolt chuck, centric clamping

  • Bolt chuck for raw part centering of a rectangular profile in both axes
  • Chip-proof clamping device for mass production
Spanndorn für Verzahner

Mandrel for gear cutting machines [type 213]

  • Slim mandrel for gear cutting machines
  • Workpiece specific interference contour with maximum clamping rigidity
Micro Spanndorn

Micro mandrel

  • Mandrel for I.D. clamping of extremely small diameters [starts at 5.5 mm]
  • „„Fast change-over to other clamping Ø is possible
Horizontaler Spannstock

Horizontal stationary chuck

  • Hydraulically-actuated stationary chuck that is suitable for 2-sided machining
  • „„High positioning accuracy on the clamping diameter


Spannhebelfutter mit CENTREX Schnittstelle
Spannhebelfutter mit CENTREX Schnittstelle

Clamping lever chuck

  • Centered workpiece clamping lever chuck with a repeatability of < 5 μm
  • μm precise table positioning through the integrated CENTREX quick-change interface
  • Quick change-over interface allows an external preliminary set of workpieces

Clamping head solution

Clamping head solution


Special clamping elements

  • For clamping almost every workpiece profile with one clamping head
  • With HSW heads the contour is self-producing



Zero position clamping system


Special test and measuring technology

  • Special model for axial draw force and documentation of the measurement results
  • The application area is the testing of zero position clamping systems

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