Mandrel actuating unit hs dock
Mandrel actuating unit hs dock in use
hs dock
hs dock mandrel actuating unit in use

hs dock


  • Hydraulic actuation
  • Ideal for automated clamping
  • Can be combined as desired for multiple clamping
  • Mandrels can be used on machining center


Technical data

Product sheet

Installation manual


CAD data

Applications and workpiece examples for hs dock + MANDO

Combined with the following adaptations

MANDO T211 [Mandrel with draw bolt]

MANDO T212 [Mandrel without draw bolt]

MANDO T812 [Deadlength mandrel without draw bolt]

MANDO G211 [Mandrel for e.g. gear hobbing, with draw bolt]


MAXXOS T211 [Mandrel for highest accuracy, with draw bolt]

More accessories

Multiple clamping pallets

Adaptation sets for MANDO G211


Torque wrench