Extended variant with many more clamping possibilities

MANOK plus, the extended variant of our manual MANOK stationary chuck differs through use of adaptation elements. For example, many more clamping possibilities are available to you in combination with the MANDO Adapt mandrel-in-chuck or the jaw module for even larger clamping diameters.


Lightweight variant

And most recent: Due to the optional lightweight CFRP design, with the MANOK plus CFK you can save half of the weight. The lightweights are easy to set-up and particularly well-suited for milling machines and machining centers with small load weights. Plus they protect machine components, which ultimately helps the machine accuracy. When loading manually or with a handling system, often the only possible solution is a lightweight stationary chuck.

Applications and workpiece examples for MANOK plus

Change-over of adaptations

The I.D. clamping with MANDO from HAINBUCH is reliable, fast,
accurate and powerful as the consultation.
[MANOK plus with MANDO Adapt]

Friedrich Reichert, CEO
MSF Reichert GmbH