Manual stationary chuck MANOK
Manual stationary chuck MANOK in use
MANOK in use [Photo: OEM Berthold Hermle]

Quality that inspires

It isn’t just the price-performance ratio of MANOK that is impressive. With its incredible holding power, precision and rigidity, MANOK has already surprised many users who never would have imagined that this kind of quality could be found in a manual clamping device. In addition, you can also mount an end-stop to the MANOK in no time at all: Simply fasten the inside end-stop directly onto your machine tool table or mount a front end-stop on the face of the clamping taper. That’s it!

Absolute versatile implementation

MANOK is not only practical and economical, but it is also extremely versatile. For instance, the integrated actuation lever makes this possible by functioning as an additional force accumulator and acts as an anti-vibration device during milling.

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We made the decision to use the MANOK from HAINBUCH as a stationary clamping device in our Hermle C30 machining centers
due to the low interference contour that the MANOK generates in the work space, among other reasons.

The uniformly round shape contributes positively in this regard. It significantly simplifies the collision consideration.
The flush closure of the clamping heads with the chuck reduces the necessary unclamping lengths
by valuable millimeters and ensures that workpieces are clamped effectively.

Gerd Kirsch, Production Manager
Peter Brehm GmbH