AC [automated change]

Smart devices and automation are everywhere, both in private life and in manufacturing facilities. The increasing individualization of products, extending to efficient one-off manufacturing, necessitates rethinking in production planning.

Machines and systems have to be flexible and designed for automated set-up. And that is where our automation solutions come into play. Your machines will run longer and set themselves up automatically in record time, thus lowering your costs.

With our TOPlus AC and SPANNTOP AC chucks, clamping heads and workpiece end-stops can be changed automatically. They enable unattended set-up and manufacturing of workpieces with different clamping diameters, profiles and clamping lengths.

Automated changing of clamping devices
If you want to change entire clamping devices, however, then you should use our CENTREX duo AC and centroteX AC interfaces. They can be adapted to your individual requirements. Make your manufacturing process completely flexible with automated changing of mandrels and chucks.

Let’s take a quick look back: For decades we have been working on reducing set-up times and speeding up the change-over process. Our centroteX quick change-over interfaces are being used with μm-precision success by thousands of customers, where they ensure immense savings. But we want to simplify and revolutionize workholding technology processes even more. The way we see it, the future is in automation.

Key advantages

  • Automated changing of clamping heads with or without workpiece end-stop
  • Automated changing of mandrels and chucks
  • Reliable processes that are already successfully used by numerous customers
  • Flexible and efficient manufacturing, also with a batch size of 1